Knowles Creative Space and First Christian Church property in NOLA

The Story

Solange Knowles, sister to Beyonce, bought this gorgeous church in New Orleans after stating her plans to turn the space into a home for her arts promotion company.

A Church Turned into a Recording Studio

Although this space would have been an incredible addition to the arts community in NOLA, local law enforcement soon received noise complaints from neighbors and found that Knowles had turned the church into a recording studio. As the property is zoned as a residential neighborhood, police found the recording studio to be illegal and subsequently shut it down.

Since then, Knowles has sold the church for almost $1 million in 2022. It’s no surprise that the artist wanted to settle down in New Orleans to record; this city is famous for its impact on the history of blues, jazz, and afro beats in the United States as well as internationally. In fact, it’s hard not to be inspired in New Orleans!




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