422 S Washington St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA

The Story

We moved into 422 S. Washington St in March of 2007. It had been vacant for 18 months since the owner had moved to China! Our closing paperwork was delayed by Chinese New Year. It needed a lot of work but we were sold on the great location and amazing fireplace. Depending on records the house was built in 1870 or 1873 so its one of the oldest houses in Mt. Pleasant.

I was hanging out with friends in about 2009. A friend mentioned how she had just moved back to town but grew up here. She said ” oh I grew up on Washington St.!” And we figured out it was the same house! Her childhood bedroom was my daughters bedroom. Years later working on the attic we found old Barbie dolls stashed in the insulation and she said her brother was always taking her toys! We also dug up a corner of the yard to put down hot tub and found an old baby pool buried in the corner of the year that she totally remembered!




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