Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

The Story

At the end of his life, Edgar Allan Poe resided in this small cottage in the Bronx. His wife, Virginia, suffered from Tuberculosis and the pair thought that a new lifestyle, away from the polluted streets of downtown NYC, would help her to recover her health. Of course, being away from the hustle and bustle of city life also encouraged Poe’s writing, and he crafted famous works like “Annabel Lee”, “The Bells”, and “Eurika” while living here.

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage: a National Literary Landmark

Long after Poe and Virginia’s deaths, the city planned to demolish the cottage in 1913, when the New York Shakespeare Society stepped in to save the day. Since then, the Society has helped turn it into an American literary landmark. We like to imagine young writers making the pilgrimage to this cottage, setting food exactly where Poe managed to write some of his finest work, and feeling inspired by the story preserved and celebrated here.

Of course, while living here, Poe’s life wasn’t glamorous. Like many, he and Virginia packed up and moved to a smaller, quieter setting of pure hope and necessity, yet he penned fantastic work here. We hope you’re as inspired by this story, and small yet mighty home, as we are.

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