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 New York City is internationally recognized for its captivating history shaped by diverse cultures and unique geographical location. What we now know as N.Y.C. began as a simple Dutch trading post and has transformed into a global metropolis. Dutch settlers first established New Amsterdam, a trading outpost on Manhattan Island, which was later renamed by the English in 1664 to New York. In the 18th century, the city saw the emergence of Georgian-style townhouses and Federal-style buildings. As the 19th century unfolded, Skyscrapers rose, beginning Manhattan’s vertical expansion and world-famous skyline.

The city continues to be a dream location for architects and historians alike. The Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s showcased the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. Post-World War II, the International Style gained prominence with landmarks like Lever House and the Seagram Building. Thankfully, preservation efforts in the 1970s led to the protection of iconic structures like Grand Central Terminal that still stand strong today.

The architecture found here helps to narrate the local story of resilience and ambition. The gorgeous blend of historic preservation and cutting-edge design ensures that New York City remains at the forefront of architecture, business, and culture, the city seamlessly integrates its past while embracing an ever-changing future.

Featured Stories in New Orleans

Alice Austen House

Alice Austen House, 2 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305, USA

The House of an Artist Art is the keyword for this ancient Dutch colonial house, whose original structures date back to the 1690s. Alice Austen, a renowned photographer, transformed the second-floor closet of her waterfront home into a darkroom, where she crafted over 7,000...

This is an image of the Wyckoff House in New York City on a sunny day, one of the oldest historical houses in New York.

Wyckoff House, 1652

This structure is known to be the oldest house in New York City – nearly 400 years old. That is ancient for the United States, considering our short history compared to the rest of the world. Originally built by European migrants, it remains the...

Another historic American home, Edgar Allan Poe's Cottage in the Bronx in New York City is a notable home in the history of the United States.

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

At the end of his life, Edgar Allan Poe resided in this small cottage in the Bronx. His wife, Virginia, suffered from Tuberculosis and the pair thought that a new lifestyle, away from the polluted streets of downtown NYC, would help her to recover...

HISTORICAL TOURS in new york city

Bits of history from every nation, culture, and country in the world have found a home in New York. Discover how the city of hardworking immigrants influences the entirety of our nation.

One of the best historical tours in New York City, this is what house history recommends visitors do first when visiting New York.

Tour the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Many of our own family’s stories started on the historic Ellis Island - names were changed, families were defined, papers passed out and stamped. This is where the majority of our American legacies began and remains to be one of the most important historical landmarks in the United States. You just can’t miss it!

One of the best things to do as a tourist in New York city is a walking tour involving food! Pictured here is a meat lover's pizza fresh from a New York pizzeria.

New York Walking Food Tour

The only thing better than a walking tour in New York? A food-focused walking tour! Find out what hundreds of years of immigrants, bringing all sorts of flavors and ingredients, can do to a city’s foodie scene.

Featuring people gathering in the streets of historic downtown New Orleans to tour historical homes and pubs on the haunted pub crawl.

Gangsters and Ghosts Tour in NYC

Gangs and ghouls have helped put New York on the map over the years - this tour is for those who appreciate the seedier underbelly of big city history. Get to know neighborhoods like Chinatown, the West Village, and Little Italy on this tantalizing historical tour.

outstanding stays in New York City

Thanks to television and Hollywood, we’re all more or less familiar with New York apartments… But have you ever stayed in one? The authentic New York City experience means staying in one of these gorgeous homes.

Cozy renovated and restored garden level in a Brownstone

Cozied up between upper Manhattan and St. Nicholas Park in Harlem, this easy-to-access home is as classic ‘New York City home’ as it gets. Dark oak rails and floors, an old fireplace, and this space seems to transport visitors back 100 years.

Beautiful spacious New York apartment rental has a lot of natural light and a gorgeous livingroom with a brick wall.

Midtown East, Triplex, Family Friendly

This is the perfect home to stay in for larger groups! We recommend booking a stay in the warmer months so guests can enjoy the full space - including the private outdoor patio. Original details have been preserved during renovations, so this home has kept its authentic New York feel.

A spectacular apartment to stay in New York City for visitors, this New York apartment has views of downtown and is modern, with white walls, accents, and furniture, making it feel even more spacious and chic.

Gorgeous Modern Home + Gym and Rooftop in Manhattan

For visitors who are craving a stay with a view, we recommend this amazing 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in the Lower East Side. With sweeping views of the city skyline, this chic, clean New York City apartment provides guests with access to the building’s rooftop; complete with lounge chairs to relax on while you take in the sights and sounds of NYC.

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