Wyckoff House, 1652

The Story

This structure is known to be the oldest house in New York City – nearly 400 years old. That is ancient for the United States, considering our short history compared to the rest of the world. Originally built by European migrants, it remains the oldest example of a Dutch saltbox frame house in the USA, although it’s been restored a handful of times over the years. This original construction is part of why the Wyckoff House is still so charming and timeless.

Wyckoff House History: a Family Home for Many Generations of Americans

Our favorite thing about this house is the personal, familial history here. No, not many notable historical events have taken place within its walls, but the Wyckoff House has served as a farm and family home for generations of everyday Americans. That’s our backbone – in our opinion, house histories like these are what the United States is all about! 

The Wyckoff House has been a museum since 2001 and now hosts events like local celebrations, community farmers markets, and school programs. When it comes to where we live, glamorous properties or huge events aren’t what make our homes and spaces special. In our eyes, it’s all about the stories of community and connection.




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