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The rich history and homes of our nation’s capital.


Washington, D.C. holds immense historical significance, serving as the epicenter of the United States’ political, cultural, and social evolution. Established on July 16, 1790, as the federal district, Washington, D.C. the founding fathers chose the city to be the seat of the newly-formed government. Its central geographical location was intentional. Its location between the Northern and Southern states was expected to foster unity and avoid favoritism toward any particular state. 

Designed by Pierre Charles L’Enfant, the city’s layout reflects a grand vision with wide avenues, prominent landmarks, and neoclassical architecture. Over the centuries, Washington, D.C. has been witness to pivotal moments in American history, including the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War and Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial during the civil rights movement in 1963.

Historically, D.C. has served as the backdrop for major political events, such as the formation of the United Nations after World War II, numerous presidential inaugurations, and the passage of groundbreaking legislation. Of course, the city is home to the White House, the official residence and workplace of the President; the Capitol, where Congress convenes; and the Supreme Court. Its avenues host countless monuments and museums, making it a symbol of the nation’s cultural and historical heritage. The homes here hold countless stories of our history as a nation.

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Dumbarton oaks, one of Washington DC's best places to visit with amazing gardens and art exhibitions, is pictured here with one of its red-brick buildings on a sunny, snowy day in winter.

Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown

In 1702, what is now Dumbarton Oaks was known as a piece of land called the Rock of Dumbarton, owned by a colonel. Acquired 100 years later by a new owner, a house was built, the surviving parts of which still stand and serve...

A view of the historic home the Woodrow Wilson House in Washington, DC on a sunny day.

Woodrow Wilson House on S Street

This mansion joined the Wilson family as a gift to Woodrow’s wife, Edith, after he completed his presidency. Wilson purchased the home without having ever set foot inside it or seeing it in person. When the couple did finally move in they added a...

HISTORICAL TOURS in washington, d.c.

No one is surprised; there is a huge variety of historical sites to discover in D.C.! We’re focusing on the most captivating homes in the city. Read through a few of our favorite historical home tours below.


George Washington’s Personal Mansion & Estate

A little way outside downtown D.C. is George Washington’s incredible mansion. Yes, this is really where the first president of the U.S.A. and his family resided. You have to see it to believe it; this is definitely a magical place to visit.


JFK’s Homes & Georgetown Walking Tour

Although visitors are unable to enter into any of the privately-owned residences, they may take a walk in JFK’s shoes, walking through Georgetown to visit each of his seven residences. We recommend this tour for anyone looking to stretch their legs, save some cash, and get a feel for the local area!


Mary McLeod Bethune Council House & Historical Site

This was the first headquarters for the National Council of Negro Women and was Bethune’s personal home. Here, the renowned educator, organizer, and political leader gathered with other trailblazing women of the time to advance the rights and interests of black women and people of color nationally. This home invokes a deeply moving emotional experience.

outstanding stays in washington, dc

D.C. homes are dripping with history! While the city boasts many historic hotels to stay in, there’s just something magical about staying in a personal residence. We believe it adds an extra opportunity to connect with the city. Check out our favorite D.C. Airbnbs below.


Book this Historic Gothic Victorian Brownstone Home

Just steps from the White House and Georgetown, this stunning 100-year-old home has been restored with Mid-Century Modern decor and is suitable for small to medium-sized parties. Enjoy the outdoor patio in warmer weather and the comfort of being within walking distance from many of D.C.’s must-see sites.


Victorian Spirit - Freestanding Centrally-Located D.C. Home

In the heart of Dupont, this rare property was originally part of an 1890’s Supreme Court Justice’s personal quarters and has been featured in The Washington Post. This historic home still displays much of the original architecture and a luxurious private back porch. Finding a space like this in downtown D.C. isn’t easy!


Picturesque Historic Town Home

Complete with red brick, this D.C. home is a wonderful choice for visitors looking for the classic East Coast property. This home is located in a safe and central neighborhood and is complete with large windows and a cozy interior design.

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