Woodrow Wilson House on S Street

The Story

This mansion joined the Wilson family as a gift to Woodrow’s wife, Edith, after he completed his presidency. Wilson purchased the home without having ever set foot inside it or seeing it in person. When the couple did finally move in they added a billiard room, a brick garage, and an in-house library for his over 8,000 books.

In 1923, he made his final public appearance from his balcony. After Woodrow passed, Edith lived in the historic home until 1961, and hosted First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy at brunch.

Luckily, Edith donated their home to the National Trust for Historic Preservation upon her passing, making it a protected historical site and one of the most popular historic houses in Washington, D.C.

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Learn more about the historic people who lived in the house and its lasting legacy in Washington, D.C. here




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