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 Founded by William Penn in 1682, Philadelphia’s religious tolerance and democratic ideals attracted settlers from diverse backgrounds. When the American Revolution began, Philadelphia expressed its long-held revolutionary passion. Here, seminal documents like the Declaration of Independence were drafted and ratified. It’s no wonder why Philadelphia is now known as the birthplace of the United States.

Having served as the temporary capital of the United States, Philadelphia played a pivotal role in shaping the federal government. Crucially, the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was held in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, later resulting in the drafting of the U.S. Constitution. Alongside the evolution of the government, this period also saw the city’s emergence as an economic powerhouse, fueled by its location on the Delaware River and the trade networks thriving there.

The Centennial Exhibition of 1876 showcased Philadelphia’s industrial and innovative might when groundbreaking inventions like the telephone and phonograph were unveiled. Despite challenges like the yellow fever epidemic of 1793, Philadelphia persevered, pioneering advancements in public health and infrastructure. Today, the city stands strong as a vibrant metropolis, celebrated across the nation for its cultural heritage and enduring contributions to the country’s story.

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HISTORICAL TOURS in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has always been a significant location for US politics, thus the stories encountered here are robust and exciting. But there’s more to Philadelphia than meets the eye – here’s your chance to dive a little deeper during your visit!

One of the best tours in Philadelphia is one of the lesser-known ones, pictured here with a group of women on a tour, focused on traditionally forgotten women in the city of Philadelphia who had a big impact on Philly's history.

Badass Women’s History Tour

We’ve heard a lot of stories about older white men in dusty wigs, signing long documents meant to make things “fair.” Honestly, we’re kind of tired of it! That’s how Beyond the Bell Tours feels, too. Book one of their tours to hear the stories you haven’t heard and hear the lesser-known tales of US history!

Pictured here is a woman, with her eyes covered by a shadow and her shoulder covered in blood, representing the darker history of Philadelphia and the nontraditional tours given by this tour company that are not family-friendly, that allow visitors to get to know the real history of philadelphia.

Dark Philly Adult Night Tour

If you’re craving something a little out-of-the-box on your trip to Philly, this is the perfect tour. Enjoy learning about the making of US history - but your tour guide won’t leave out a single dirty detail. That’s right - hear the dirt on vampires, executions, and Founding Father promiscuity that history books never mention.

A great historical tour of Philadelphia is pictured here, that allows visitors to explore the murals and public art on the south side of the city, as the group is doing on a sunny day in this image.

South Philly Art Tour

Join guides and visitors on an intimate walking tour of the city’s most vibrant public art. This tour takes visitors to see the best murals and graffiti in Queen Village and Bella Vista, gorgeous neighborhoods on the south side of Philly, and ends in an immersive sculpture garden.

outstanding stays in Philadelphia

For visitors who want the full Philly experience, we recommend staying in one of these stunning historic homes. These properties are placed in the middle of the action, on quiet streets, offering visitors the best of both worlds.

This is a fantastic place to stay in the middle of Philadelphia, a great rented apartment that is pictured here has a lot of light, classic American decor, and big windows.

Historic & Walkable Washington Square West Home

This gorgeous home sits on a quiet, car-free Philly street, and is only a few blocks from the city’s most popular historical spots, like The Liberty Bell. Inside, visitors will find cozy American paraphernalia surrounded by classic red brick walls. We especially recommend this apartment for visitors from outside the USA; apartments don’t get more American than this!

Historic Center City Row House

This apartment is 3 floors of idyllic, historic American living. Situated in Washington Square, this is a wonderful option for families looking for a quiet, spacious stay in the heart of Philadelphia history. The brick fireplace and rich wood detailing give this house a cozy and quaint vibe, while warmer months invite visitors to lounge and enjoy the fresh air on the cute back deck.

A fabulous home to stay in in Philadelphia for visitors who want to explore downtown Philly, this adorable rental apartment has a back patio and private entrace, pictured here with classic red brick and beautiful folliage.

Garden Oasis in Historic Victorian Home

Enjoy a stay in this stunning traditional Victorian home with a lush garden, right in the fray of downtown Philly. Surrounded by exposed brick, visitors will feel right at home inside this well-preserved Philly house. Plus, a garden in the city is an absolute luxury - just imagine warm, sunny afternoons spent enjoying this little piece of paradise!

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