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Almost 200 years ago, Oak Park was established due west of Chicago. The city has evolved from a rural outpost to a vibrant suburban community with the help of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In the early 1900s, the city became a focal point for architectural innovation, thanks to Wright, who designed numerous homes in the area.

Throughout the 20th century, Oak Park played a notable role in the Civil Rights Movement, actively pursuing fair housing practices and standing out as a beacon of racial integration and housing equality. In the 1970s, locals took steps to protect the rich architectural heritage found here, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio gained National Historic Landmark status.

Most recently, Oak Park has embraced sustainability and community engagement in the 21st century. Its commitment to environmental practices and the preservation of historical structures reflects a balance between progress and reverence, making it easy to find historic homes here. Today, Oak Park stands as a welcoming enclave with tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a community spirit that embodies the essence of suburban living in Illinois beyond larger cities like Chicago.

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Simpson Dunlop house

Simpson Dunlop House, 417 N Kenilworth Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302, USA

Simpson Dunlop hired architect E.E. Roberts to design what’s known as “everyone’s favorite house” in Oak Park in 1896. Dunlop was a grandson of Oak Park founders Joseph and Betty Kettlestrings. A Chicago native, the owner of the Simpson Dunlop House passed away only...

Black and white image of Frank Lloyd Wright's historic house in Oak Park, Illinois.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Well-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic house and design studio was first built in 1889. He was just 22 years old and needed a $5,000 loan from his employer. Wow, those were the days! He and his family lived there until 1909 and helped...

Ernest Hemingway's childhood home is a historic home in Oak Park, IL.

Earnest Hemmingway Childhood Home

Not many people know this, but this historic house in Oak Park is what Ernest Hemingway called home for the first six years of his life. On top of being Hemingway’s first home, this property was the first in the entirety of Oak Park...

HISTORICAL TOURS in oak park, il

Oak Park is famous for its architectural legacy. Discover some of the spaces and places that put this suburban city on the map.

Frank Lloyd Wright's historic home full of history in Oak Park, near Chicago.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park

Oak Park is most famous for the long-lasting impressions and influence left by world-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Check out the largest collection of his creations, buildings, and designs on the immersive tour.

Visitors in Oak Park enjoy a walking tour on a sunny day around the historic homes of the city.

Oak Park and River Forest Walking Tours

Join the Historical Society of Oak Park on one of their popular walking tours and get to know the surrounding homes and nature on a personal level. We recommend booking the annual house walk, where locals open their doors and share their stories with visitors.

Al Capone's cemetery in the historic Oak Park, is available to look at on historic walking tours.

Al Capone's Grave at Mount Carmel Cemetery

Legendary mobster Al Capone is laid to rest in Oak Park's Mount Carmel Cemetery and no surprise, there's a story to be told. Find out more about one of the United States' infamous criminals with a visit to his gravesite.

outstanding stays in oak park, il

We encourage anyone planning a stay in Oak Park to check out the gorgeous homes settled in and around its residential neighborhoods. For many, these historic properties offer a more authentic experience than local hotels and ground visitors within the city’s story. 

Stay 1 (1)

Large, Sunny 3-Bedroom Apartment

The interior design of this second-floor apartment is classic; its historic beauty is perfectly preserved. Comfort and style mix to create a luxurious stay, complete with a spacious back porch. Its central location means the L train and downtown Oak Park are mere blocks away.

Gorgeous rented historic home in downtown Oak Park.

Historic Oak Park Home Perfect for Families

This home is a great space for visitors looking to get the best of both worlds: proximity to iconic downtown Chicago and picturesque Oak Park. The property is within walking distance of both the Frank Lloyd Wright and Hemingway homes. Be sure to book a stay during the spring, summer, or fall, to take advantage of the wrap-around porch!

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 14.24.12

Modern Victorian Vibes with Character and Charm

Here, visitors are nestled into the historic Frank Lloyd Wright district in central Oak Park. Steps away from historic sites and places, this home also neighbors local restaurants, ice cream shops, and boutiques. This is a fantastic option for guests with a car; parking is included!

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